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Flamingos and lots of sun on the most beautiful beaches in Spain!

With its countless flamingos in many shallow lakes and the picturesque sandy beaches on the east coast, the Costa Blanca in south-eastern Spain has been awarded the title of "Best Climate in the World" by the World Health Organization (WHO). More than 320 days of sunshine and over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year are guaranteed in the Spanish vacation region around Torrevieja. You will look in vain for the dirty and rainy weather that is so common in Germany: even on the fewer than 30 rainy days a year, the pleasant climatic conditions in Torrevieja provide residents and holidaymakers with a beautiful day all year round. A property in Torrevieja is like a house in paradise! (Go to the section "About Torrevieja "*)

Although the coldest month of the year still has a pleasant average temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius, the barometer rarely rises above 35 degrees Celsius on hot summer days in south-eastern Spain. Even the winter months, which are often uncomfortable in Germany, can reach up to 20 degrees Celsius in the vacation region south of Alicante. For property owners in Spain, the sun shines even in winter. Fantastic climatic conditions for Spanish property owners. And the prospects on the local real estate market are just as sunny. Whether you are looking for a house, villa, apartment or apartment, we at Gerd Ströckens Real Estate Service Agency (hausundkauf) are sure to have the ideal property for you as a vacation home, new permanent residence or apartment in Spain. Here the sun shines on the most beautiful properties in Spain! ☻

Precipitation is almost a foreign word along the Costa Blanca: rain showers are recorded on less than 30 days in this wonderful vacation region. And when it does rain in
Torrevieja, the rain does not usually fall continuously and certainly not for several days. Raindrops in this Spanish vacation region usually only combine to form a short shower. The Mediterranean climate of this region does not have large temperature jumps and, thanks to the two salt lakes of Torrevieja and La Mata, the salt pans and of course the fresh sea air, alleviates illnesses such as respiratory problems, rheumatism or gout. People not only recover here, they also get healthy. Balanced mud baths are also a must for many ailments.

Why Torrevieja:                                                                                                                                                 

Torrevieja is a town in the southeast of Spain on the Costa Blanca.
you can enjoy the wonderful fine sandy beaches, admire the beautiful
beautiful rocky coves and visit the famous beach promenade of Torrevieja.
Torrevieja beach promenade. On our website you will find a wide selection
of properties that will make your dreams come true. With us you can buy a
buy a property that is not far from the city center. Our
properties have light-flooded rooms with balconies or private terraces with gardens.


On the roofs of the apartments there are beautiful roof terraces that invite you to
invite you to sunbathe. If you buy one of these apartments to rent out
to rent out to holidaymakers, it will prove to be particularly lucrative.
With us you will find modern bungalows in a contemporary style. Our bungalows
are equipped with fitted kitchens and stylishly furnished living and
dining areas. Our beautiful new-build villas with up to
six rooms and pools are also ideal for senior citizens.
senior citizens. You won't regret buying a home through us.
Buy an apartment in Spain - on the beach in Guardamar.

Opt for a property in Guardamar del Segura. The eleven-kilometre-long beach in Guardamar is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain and is rarely overcrowded, even in the height of summer. The new development under construction is being built in the immediate vicinity of a beautiful lake. Reserve your dream apartment with well-kept outdoor facilities, a playground for children and a spacious communal pool. You won't regret buying an apartment in Spain - whether for renting out or for your own use.

Buying a home in Spain is an investment that pays off for everyone. We offer you high-quality apartments and houses on the Spanish south-east coast. Reserve one of our newly built apartments or finished houses and apartments now. Our properties are fully furnished for you and
have satellite / cable TV and Internet / Wi-Fi. Enjoy the wonderful Spanish countryside and spend your time with a variety of sports and leisure activities. Make your dream of a vacation home come true by buying your own apartment in Spain.
Buying real estate in Spain can be very easy. Get in touch with us and we will advise you in detail about your next dream project.
Your property in Spain with guaranteed living comfort.

Our property listings in Spain are all located in coastal areas, where the summer lasts an average of nine months. In the remaining months, the plants along the Costa Blanca grow and flourish and the vacation region of Torrevieja blooms in the most beautiful colors. Winter is not really a winter at all - and above all, it cannot be compared with the winter months in Germany! Many German seniors spend the winter in Spain to escape the usually uncomfortable weather conditions in Germany. Here on the Spanish Mediterranean coast around Torrevieja, senior citizens can spend the winter months relaxing in a particularly mild climate. Wintering in Spain: Torrevieja is the ideal place for this.

Decide now to buy a property in Spain and benefit from the unique climate of this region. Spend the winter in Torrevieja yourself and recover from everyday life in Germany or rent out your vacation apartment or vacation home to German senior citizens and other tourists. The demand for such vacation homes remains high. The wonderful vacation region directly on the Costa Blanca is also a popular destination for health trips. German pensioners and retirees no longer simply travel to traditional spa towns for a cure. Winter in the best climate in the world: guaranteed sunshine in Spain!

After a full working life, would you like to spend your free time on dark and cold days in Germany? Understandably, certainly not. The so-called winter or November depression does not exist in Spain. On the Costa Blanca there is always a good mood - and mostly sunshine. The vacation region of Torrevieja records more than 300 days of sunshine
Torrevieja every year. Not only many Germans, but also many other Europeans have long considered this landscape in south-eastern Spain to be their second home. The region is booming. The mild healing climate has a particularly beneficial effect on respiratory illnesses, allergies and skin diseases, the cardiovascular system or impairments such as rheumatism and gout, especially for senior citizens who spend the winter on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The Mediterranean Sea and the salt lakes of Torrevieja and La Mata provide this beneficial climate, which is also recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition to the salty lakes and sea water, the various spas and thermal baths are also very popular with senior citizens. The rich water and pleasant water temperature act as a real fountain of youth for wintering visitors.


Current weather in Torrevieja

Climate, flora and fauna

The natural product salt has been of particular importance to this region for centuries and has had a major influence on its development. Just as there are numerous mining museums in large cities in the Ruhr area or Saarland in Germany, the Salt Museum in Torrevieja invites you to visit. Interesting exhibitions revolve around the white raw material. In general, nature lovers and hikers will get their money's worth in the region around Torrevieja: in addition to the lakes, the coast, the sea and the waterfalls, the various free parks such as the Natural Park of the Lagoons are particularly inviting. The variety of flowers and shrubs attract the most beautiful insects. The moths are small to very large and reach wingspans of 10 to 200 millimetres, with European species ranging from 36 to 135 millimetres. Their body is very robust and broad. Their forewings are about two to three times longer than they are wide and have a characteristic, almost triangular, elongated shape and are very streamlined. The hind wings are about the same width as the forewings, but significantly shorter. They are usually twice as long as they are wide and usually lighter colored than the forewings or have a variegated coloration. They look like small hummingbirds.