"Hausundkauf" stands for over 30 years of experience!
Hausundkauf is a company that was founded by Gerd Ströckens in 1990.
The company was started as the real estate service office of Gerd Ströckens. At that time we also made our first contacts in Spain, with whom we still work today.
We quickly realized that Spain would be the future for us. Last but not least, today shows that we were exactly right.
In Spain, we can take care of absolutely everything for you if you wish. Not only the support of the purchase process, but also much more.
For us, it means right from the start

 Together we are strong!     Once a partner, always a partner!


Our service for you!

-Always available

-Quick viewing appointments

-Best possible support

-All administrative procedures

-Taxes for non-residents

-Carrying out legalizations of new projects and renovations

-Settlement of inheritances

-applying for the NIE number

-Changes concerning the land registry

-Certificate of habitability (Licencia de la segunda ocupación)

-Certificate of the end of construction (Final de obra)

-Energy certificate

-Procurement of a job

-Even school enrollment for your children and much more


Unser Team

Gerd Ströckens


Ines Kornewebel


Rafael Martinez
Gründer & Geschäftsführer   Freiberuflich in Spanien   Büro und Verwaltung